“The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as sacred song united to the words, it forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy. Holy Scripture, indeed, has bestowed praise upon sacred song, and the same may be said of the fathers of the Church and of the Roman pontiffs who in recent times, led by Saint Pius X, have explained more precisely the ministerial function supplied by sacred music in the service of the Lord. Therefore sacred music is to be considered the more holy in proportion as it is more closely connected with the liturgical action, whether it adds delight to prayer, fosters unity of minds, or confers greater solemnity upon the sacred rites. But the Church approves of all forms of true art having the needed qualities, and admits them into divine worship.”

Sacrosanctum Concilium (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Second Vatican Council), paragraph 112


Cantors are experienced singers who serve as psalmist and sing the propers of the Mass when the choir is not present.

Parish Choir

The Parish Choir of men and women is open to anyone high school age or older. The choir sings a wide variety of music, including the propers of the Mass in various forms, as well as appropriate choral repertoire. The choir rehearses and sings at Mass from September through Pentecost.


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